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Creating video for event marketing

Setting goals for your video production

So you have decided to film your event and create video to use online, that’s a great start but have you considered what you will do with the video once it’s created?

According to Mist Media, hosting video on your site’s landing page makes it 53% more likely to show on the front page of Google search.

There are some compelling stats out there about video and social media see some more in this video:

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Broadcast your event live on YouTube via Google+ Hangouts FOR FREE!

Dreamtek have worked with leading brands and celebrities like the BBC Teen Awards, Bastille, Jamie Oliver, Toni & Guy and Google to produce professional Google Hangouts so now we are offering one lucky winner* the chance to get a free Google Hangout filmed with a 4 multi-camera set up and streamed live.

DT comp G+ banner_google hangouts copy

You can even invite people from around the world to interact with the event via Google Hangouts. We are looking for anyone who is running a cool event to tell us what’s great about the event and different – who is your event audience and how you could benefit from the live stream of the event we film for you.

It could be a music event, launch event, festival, exhibition or sports event, let your imagination go wild. Simply enter the details of your event/gig/conference and your contact details to stand the chance of winning a free multi cam stream of your live event.

Either fill in the form, or call us on 0845 6006122

Enter now Entrants must be located in the United Kingdom. Closing date 31st March 2014

*The winning entry will be professionally filmed with a 4 multi-camera set up by Dreamtek and live streamed on our Dreamtek YouTube Channel. Full Terms and Conditions available here.

A quick start guide – how to create an app

Mobile apps bridge the gap between personal and public experience.

They empower users because they get to choose the apps they want to download. That choice makes mobile apps effective marketing tools — the user already likes the app, that’s why they downloaded it in the first place.

So we decided to create a guide to explain why your business needs an app, what platforms you should consider and share a few ideas that should help you develop apps that effectively support your marketing communications. This is a taster of the guide with some of the key things you should consider before developing a mobile application for your business.

 iphone app development, how to create an app

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Does your business need a mobile app?

Brands are realising that as we live in a multi screen world we need to cater for mobile users more and more. And it’s not just making sure you have a mobile optimised website, recent research from Adobe Digital shows that users of apps are more brand loyal.

New data from Adobe Digital Index measures engagement on apps versus the Web on a sample of more than 600 brands which should make this message clear for marketers. According to the data, building a mobile app is a worthy investment because users of mobile apps are more loyal to the brand versus those who just visit the Web site from their mobile devices.

Apps Used For Longer And More Frequently
Tablet users spend the better part of a half hour (24 minutes) in an app session, while smartphone sessions are much shorter at nearly 13 minutes. Compared to those browsing Web sites, however, the app sessions are three to four times longer. Consumers use the average smartphone apps more than twice as often as they visit the typical mobile Web site. All combined, the app usage outpaces mobile Web visits by an average of 100 minutes per month.

mobileapp_TimeSpentbyPlatform mobileapp_FrequencybyPlatform (1)

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10 Steps to success – your headache free guide to Webcasting

Webcasting is a great way to get your message out to a wide audience. According to Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan the Enterprise Video Webcasting market will grow to $500M by 2017. The technology of webcasting software and hardware has developed at a rapid rate and the sophistication and quality that can be achieved is far superior to the dull powerpoint presentations you will have seen in the past.

Companies are now looking for video webcasting platforms that manage the complete process of creation, capture, ingest, encoding/transcoding, management and delivery of video webcasts.

Enterprise Video Webcasting


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Staking virtual space in augmented reality for fun and profit

Everybody’s got an app for this and an app for that, but the smartphone future opens up another interesting avenue of opportunity for education, tourist attractions, places of interest, shops and more: an augmented reality.

The concept of augmented reality (AR) isn’t new, of course. Described in broad strokes, it’s a notion in which you or your device will be exposed to information about the places you visit only when you reach those places.  Strategy Analytics anticipates location-based search revenue will reach $6 billion by 2017.

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Five great app ideas that could boost your business

The impact of BYOD on enterprise users is creating mass diversity in the devices and platforms used in business, but there’s a second opportunity switched-on entrepreneurs are grabbing for — apps for marketing. We’ve selected several apps we think show just some of the ways in which apps can help put your brand before your customers.

Sponsored synergy

Carling can’t possibly have known what it was going to achieve when it sponsored development of iPint, an entertaining iPhone app that simulates a virtual pint and which actually empties when you tip/drink it.  Read More…