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Take control of video projects with VF Hub

Video asset management? Surely that’s not a problem? In truth of course while it’s never a problem when you begin creating video assets, it quickly becomes one as your project or projects develop.

That’s because the more work you create the faster  you gather huge quantities of video assets, some of which may be useful in current or future projects. Fine, but do you really have time to look through these assets in real-time, searching for the moment you need? You probably don’t: That’s why we developed VF Hub, our bespoke end-to-end video management system.

Where’s that clip?

We’ve built VF Hub (Mac or PC) to be super-easy to use. A simple user interface combined with our ability to develop the software with the look, feel and feature-set you and/or your company most need make this a useful companion tool for any video project. This is probably why the software’s already in use across a range of big organisations. We also include it within our innovative Broadcastpod solution.

Naturally our solution isn’t confined to asset management. VF Hub provides a range of features: Media publishing, review and approve, playback, export and editing tools are included.

The intention is that everyone involved in your enterprise’s project can use VF Hub, which acts as a central location for authors to upload content, editors to manage, review and control distribution of content and for production staff to export markers into editing suites like Adobe Premier Pro. It acts as a central hub for video assets. As you add clips to the central pool it’s easy to add relevant metadata designed to make these assets easy to search when seeking an appropriate clip.

video management software, review and approve video clips

Our solution’s not confined to video.

We also deployed it within a company-wide eLearning solution for Peugeot, partly because of its ability to take PowerPoint slides (converted through Adobe Presenter) in order to convert them into webinars.

Three side story

There’s three main features to the Hub: The Presenter, the Player and Mesh.

The Presenter works a little like PowerPoint and enables presenters to play slides and video clips in a similar way. It also enables users to capture and save all movements through the slides in order to create a repeatable online presentation. Our secure, cloud-based Presenter offers digital asset management of all video assets and a range of automated playback options.

The Player is a video on demand player through which you can playback your assets in sync with each other. The customizable interface is designed for fast and easy playback of webinars and integrates slide navigation (which can be disabled) and the ability to offer a carousel view of similar views and webinars held within your system.

Mesh meanwhile is a simple drag-&-drop solution that lets you quickly and easily create work by dragging and dropping selected clips into the timeline. The created work must then have metadata created by the user before being uploaded into the system for review.

VF Hub also lets you collaborate on clips using built-in tools that enable multiple users to review and comment on any video asset added to the VF Hub Media Library. These include Spatial, Temporal or Voice interactive marker tools to make the range and nature of comments as flexible as possible. These markers can also be exported into various formats (XML, CSV, PDF) and/or exported into editing software such as Premiere Pro.

We’ve developed this software to be a flexible solution with which you can ingest, manage, review, comment and archive your precious video assets for use in current and future projects. The system is great for video blogging, online webinar creations but is also sufficiently powerful to be a handy resource for larger projects and company wide video asset management. If you’d like to find out more about VF Hub, please contact us.

Adobe Connect drives Peugeot – Citroen’s eLearning system

Dreamtek recently put together a sophisticated eLearning package for Peugeot – Citroen, using Adobe technologies to create a flexible solution that’s improving dealer’s technical understanding while being more flexible and less costly to deliver than before.

Peugeot-208-GTi-3Peugeot Academy

The Peugeot – Citroen Academy is an essential part of the company’s business. It’s a state of the art training facility the company uses to inform its dealers of every element of its vehicles’ engine maintenance and technical management.

In other words, if you sell Citroen or Peugeot vehicles you must attend the centre to get trained in servicing, new product sales, health and safety and more. You must attend these courses if you want to be a Peugeot dealer — but that works out expensive in so many ways when hundreds across the country need to find the time and the money to attend the company’s Coventry HQ.

The Academy asked us to pull the project together following our success putting something similar together for Jaguar Landrover. Read More…

Yes, there is a better, cheaper and private way to figure out your mileage claims!

Productivity, mobility and flexible working are the buzz words for the way we do business today, and this means time-poor employees need to find ways to make what they do more efficient as they strive to improve their work/life balance. Mileage claims, for example: how many file these late, or not at all, simply because it’s so time-consuming to fill out the form? We have a solution we’d like to tell you about, Peak GPS mileage capture.

So, what is Peak GPS Mileage Capture?

Read More…

Making your own TV studio, a guide

Television-quality broadcasting is becoming more accessible and here at Dreamtek we help many clients put together their first TV studio. For some there’s our BroadcastPod solution, which is all the television studio many clients need. There’s also a growing number of clients asking us to build studios for them, so we thought we’d assemble a brief guide to help explain some of the questions which need to be looked at when doing so.


Video can be as simple as what you grab on your smartphone, but these devices are really only good for catching clips of the pets and children, rather than enterprise-focused video presentations. To create good quality video assets you must invest in the good quality tools. The right cameras and software are part of the solution, but there’s numerous additional equipment needs, such as: Read More…

iPad effect continues to impact TV, video viewing habits

There is no excuse not to serve up video content in formats supported by mobile devices any more, recent BBC iPlayer data confirms. That’s because tablet viewing via the on-demand television service doubled over the Christmas period as owners of new iPads logged onto the service.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 16.35.57 Read More…

Why Broadcastpod makes good sense for good business

We’ve written about our Broadcastpod before. This is our enterprise-focused all-in-one video creation solution that transforms the way a company uses video internally and externally, making it simple and saving you money.


We’ve put together some figures (click the image to the left) that illustrate why the system makes sense for enterprises hoping to make more use of video to promote, manage, educate or connect with their business.

Broadcastpod is an integrated solution we describe as a “studio in a box”. It’s like a beautifully designed photo booth packed with everything you need to create video.

These elements include an easy-to-learn control system, high-quality video camera, and all the encoding and transcoding power you might need to quickly and easily create and publish video materials that support your business.

Growing demand 

An increasing number of our clients request our assistance when they create video presentations. These might include annual statements, CEO messages, in-house training videos, video blogging, live or on-demand webcasts with solutions like Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts and more.

We like to think we do excellent work when managing projects like this, but these projects aren’t cheap. Our figures show the average cost of outsourcing video production jobs is around £4,500 per video.

We’ve listened when many of our enterprise and business customers say they’d like to make more use of video, but the cost is too high. We see a real need for our enterprise customers to invest in equipment they can use to bring video production in-house. Read More…

Why is Microsoft giving its iMoney away?

Microsoft’s resistance to the changing computer word continues as it prevails in its belief that its success means other’s failure. Not only has the company quietly raised the price of its Office suite for Mac users, but its seemingly blinkered vision to deny a version of the productivity suite to iPad users seems set to cost the company billions of dollars while annoying users.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 14.19.23

No more Windows only any more Read More…

Does Windows still makes sense for your business?

The iron grip of the ancient Wintel hegemony is contracting, as evidenced by Michael Dell’s $24 billion acquisition of himself and declining Windows sales.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 20.11.25

This crack in the Windows curtain may turn out to be an opportunity for enterprise users to explore new ways of doing business technology — a well-timed seismic shift in the status quo, given the ever-growing capability of mobile devices and BYOD. Read More…