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Introducing Aquafadas Digital Publishing 3.2!

Earlier this month Aquafadas announced the release of the new Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.2. Discover more than 30 exciting new features and improvements included in this latest version, all designed to make your digital publishing projects more innovative and inspiring.

If you want to have a go at creating your own apps then download the free trial below making sure you use the promo code DRE4LIFE

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Adobe Connect drives Peugeot – Citroen’s eLearning system

Dreamtek recently put together a sophisticated eLearning package for Peugeot – Citroen, using Adobe technologies to create a flexible solution that’s improving dealer’s technical understanding while being more flexible and less costly to deliver than before.

Peugeot-208-GTi-3Peugeot Academy

The Peugeot – Citroen Academy is an essential part of the company’s business. It’s a state of the art training facility the company uses to inform its dealers of every element of its vehicles’ engine maintenance and technical management.

In other words, if you sell Citroen or Peugeot vehicles you must attend the centre to get trained in servicing, new product sales, health and safety and more. You must attend these courses if you want to be a Peugeot dealer — but that works out expensive in so many ways when hundreds across the country need to find the time and the money to attend the company’s Coventry HQ.

The Academy asked us to pull the project together following our success putting something similar together for Jaguar Landrover. Read More…

10 key takeaways from Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams Hangout

Dreamtek invited Adobe Business Manager, Matt Balcombe, to join us for a Google+ Hangout on Air to discuss some of the features of Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams on Thursday 7th March; here are my top ten takeaways from the session:

1) You can try Adobe Creative Cloud free for thirty days. Once you’ve received your invitation to join Adobe Creative Cloud for teams you can register a license for 30 days free of charge. Your 12-month license starts after your free 30 days are up, so you are effectively getting 13 months for the price of 12. After thirty days the cost is £639 for a yearly license from an Adobe reseller.

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Adobe preps Photoshop 6 improvement for Retina Display Macs

Adobe’s delayed Create Now Live event takes place December 11, and it appears the company has a raft of interesting announcements planned for creative users, these may even include the introduction of full Retina Display support for those Macs with such high-res screens.

Writing last month, Adobe’s John Nack told us some of what to expect from the one-day event: Read More…

3 reasons to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 6 before December 31st

When is a price rise not a price rise? When you don’t know it’s happening — and Adobe’s audience of creative pros should wise up today if they want to save money as Adobe prepares to raise Creative Suite (CS) upgrade prices.

This means you, if you’re one of the many creative professionals still getting the best you can out of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 or 4 products. You have until the end of December to make sure you’re on the CS upgrade path in future.

If you don’t upgrade by December 31, then you’ll be locked out of future upgrade discounts, because Adobe’s decided to change the way it offers them. Read More…