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Creating video for event marketing

Setting goals for your video production

So you have decided to film your event and create video to use online, that’s a great start but have you considered what you will do with the video once it’s created?

According to Mist Media, hosting video on your site’s landing page makes it 53% more likely to show on the front page of Google search.

There are some compelling stats out there about video and social media see some more in this video:

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5 uses for Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts allows users across the world to video chat, collaborate, and share with ease. There are a lot of features packed into the Hangouts application, at Dreamtek we have been using Google+ Hangouts internally and providing managed Google+ Hangout services and products to customers from the initial launch.


Hangouts for inter company chat

As a business with office locations in London, Hampshire, UAE, US, India and Bath our staff are in different time zones and locations or on the move. The challenge we face is how to keep the lines of communication open to everyone and create a team environment so that employees can collaborate and share information.

Google+ Hangouts,

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Get the Video creation guide – tips and tricks

Check out our latest Dreamtek guide to creating video content for events, why should video be part of your marketing strategy and how to plan the creation of your video content. Determine goals – SEO, branding, lead generation and social media.

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  • Why is video an important part of your digital marketing strategy?
  • Planning your video – setting goals and video production planning
  • YouTube and video marketing – SEO values and YouTube channels
  • Lead generation – making your videos generate you sales
  • Social media – promoting your video content and events to get your content going viral
  • Event marketing – how to promote your event before, during and after
  • Event delivery – options for delivering your live event online

If you have something to say, you need people to listen, and the people listening most these days are watching video online.

Cisco expects over 1.5 billion humans will be watching by 2015. Nearly half (46%) of those who watch video marketing react to what they’ve seen:

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You really can’t afford not be getting into video, so whether you are starting out or are already experienced our guide to video creation can help you think about some of the things you need to plan when creating video for events.

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