Network storage designed for the creative industry

One of the UK’s lesser recognised but most exciting exports is its creative output, set to play a major role in our future economic strength and growth. The British film industry has already become a significant force in the UK economy (thanks in part to the introduction of film tax relief in 2007) totalling over £1bn in 2013 (up 14% on 2012) and looks set for continued expansion.

It is likely to experience a rising swell in demand for its wealth of highly sophisticated technical and creative talent, following on from the triumph of recent box office and award winning successes such as Gravity: the vast majority of which was a British creation.


We know that the UK has the creative and technical wherewithal, the infrastructure and an ever growing credibility to fuel what promises to be a period of sustained growth for decades to come. However, capacity will be crucial in ensuring that we can meet burgeoning international demand for our film production capabilities. And capacity means two things: people and data storage.

data storage, rockstar

Belfast based IT company, Rockstar Data, offers an affordable storage revolution targeted at creative SMEs, with a view to improving efficiency and productivity. Founded by Hans Enoksen, CEO, Rockstar offers best-in-class hardware to provide seamless, super high-speed networking combined with secure, reliable storage and simplicity of use. Product performance easily matches that of its high end competitors, for less than half the price. Unlike the cloud, it offers the security of knowing exactly where data is stored and removes the question mark concerning the reliability of the server being used for storage.

Rockstar understands that collaborative working is usually a core requirement for creative studios, which relies upon the mobility of massive data files. Since Apple withdrew the Xserve, many creative SMEs have become used to the sight of a sprawling heap of portable hard drives in the studio, as bandwidth struggles to keep apace with the requirement for fast data retrieval from the cloud. Whilst an effective means of backing up projects and a great way to facilitate file mobility between devices and individuals, there are a number of problems with this piecemeal approach.

Aside from the general clutter, file indexing is usually a haphazard affair and it is easy for a team to lose track of where data is stored. Version control is difficult to maintain and safety is also a problem. Discs getting lost, or failing, can have a major impact upon a complex project and there is no site backup to call upon if worst comes to worst.

Rockstar @ Dillon Productions 14

A Rockstar system provides a perfect balance between physical storage and the cloud, allowing an entire team to work on files simultaneously without slowing the momentum and a superior file management facility can be accessed by team mates on the move (or at home) through an i-pad or i-phone interface.  And, no matter how rapidly your content grows, your data storage can grow with it.


So, if you want to get the most out of your talent with no mess, no bottlenecks and no danger…there is a solution and it’s rather more reliable and economical than your average rockstar!

Dreamtek are a Rockstar partner and can help you with your data storage needs, visit our webpage to find out more or get in touch 0845 6006122 or email




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