Introducing Aquafadas Digital Publishing 3.2!

Earlier this month Aquafadas announced the release of the new Aquafadas Digital Publishing System 3.2. Discover more than 30 exciting new features and improvements included in this latest version, all designed to make your digital publishing projects more innovative and inspiring.

If you want to have a go at creating your own apps then download the free trial below making sure you use the promo code DRE4LIFE

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So here are some of the new features.

Amazing AVE updates!

  • 3 new games: Discover the exciting Connect the Dots, Hide & Seek and Spot the Difference games!
  • HTML interacts with AVE: Create an order form in HTML format linked to your magazine. “Reserved” will appear in the magazine in AVE format once it has been signed.
  • Enhance your reading: “Read-Aloud” gets a revamp with new actions including easy-to-use play and stop buttons.
  • PDF publishing: Insert a PDF into a sub layout.

how to create an app, app development software

Exciting ePUB news!

  • Magnifying regions: Add region magnification into text when a reader double-clicks to zoom in.
  • Even smarter reading: version 3.2 features a brand new interface to create Guided Reading.
  • Japanese enhancements: Vertical export in Japanese for Fixed Layout is one of several new Japanese specifications!

how to create an app, app development software

‘Plugin’ and Go!

  • Undo/Redo: Control all features of the Aquafadas InDesign plugin with Undo/Redo buttons.
  • Stay organized: Manage your projects more easily by creating folders.
  • Even more features: Benefit from…

-The ability to list all assets in your document
-To export font automatically
-A warning to avoid deleting a file linked to a license
-A more user-friendly export window.
-Easier access to tutorials for premium enrichments

how to create an app, app development software

Improve your iOS & Android Apps!

  • Rendering for AVE-PDF: a brand new reader has been generated for iOS & Android to display faster and smoother content in AVE-PDF format.

iOS only:

  • Gallery enrichment is supported in progressive download

how to create an app, app development software

Android only:

  • New options for customer registration allowing publishers to invite users to create an account in the app before access to the content, or to make registration mandatory.
  • Progressive download improvements.
  • Animated Slider and Synopsis, Read Aloud, and Image Comparator are now compatible!
  • Premium enrichments such as Animated Images & Physics are now supported.

Dreamtek will be holding an event on 12th March in London where you can find out all about the new features of Aquafadas Digital Publishing System, learn how to create an app using this app development software. Lots of examples of mobile apps, digital publications and find out how to make money from your apps.


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