How Google+ Hangouts can help internal communication

Learning Technologies is Europe’s leading showcase of technology supported workplace learning.  Dreamtek had a stand at Learning Technologies, where we showcased our innovative Broadcastpod. The Broadcastpod comes in various models depending on what the customer wants to use it for, from a social broadcasting pod that can be used to create and deliver video training materials through social media platforms such as Google+ Hangouts and YouTube, e-learning platforms or company intranets. Through to a BBC broadcast quality pod that can deliver TV broadcast quality footage.

Learning technologies stand, Broadcastpod

We also ran seminar slots talking about mobile app creation and video. At Dreamtek we can help people create mobile apps themselves using Aquafadas software that allows you to easily create dynamic apps and digital publications in house. Or if a more bespoke mobile application is required we have in house developers who can create mobile applications for any platform.

mobile app creation, how to create an app

Our video production team filmed the exhibition conference and seminar streams for the Learning Technologies and Learning Skills events.  A crew of 12 camera operators filmed 66 conference streams and the main auditorium presentations. Our post-production team were on hand to edit the keynote opening presentations to be streamed into the free seminar theatres on the exhibition floor each day at 4pm.

The video footage was streamed to Learning Technologies YouTube channel.

During the event our 12 production staff were moving from different areas around the 3 floor exhibition centre, to film and check that audio and visual worked correctly, so they needed to liaise with our two technical staff and 4 staff on the Dreamtek stand to make sure things ran smoothly. This is where Google+ Hangouts came in, we set up a group Hangout for the production team so they could communicate any issues and a general Dreamtek group so that we could all communicate and even people who weren’t at the show could get a feel for the exhibition.

Google+ Hangouts allowed us to communicate quickly and effectively with everyone having a mobile device to see the stream of messages and also for people in the office to see some photo’s and video’s of the show that we were able to share during the event.

If you want to find out more about how you can use Google+ Hangouts for your business get in touch. Have a look at our Google Hangouts showreel to see some of the productions we have done using Google+ Hangouts.


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