A quick start guide – how to create an app

Mobile apps bridge the gap between personal and public experience.

They empower users because they get to choose the apps they want to download. That choice makes mobile apps effective marketing tools — the user already likes the app, that’s why they downloaded it in the first place.

So we decided to create a guide to explain why your business needs an app, what platforms you should consider and share a few ideas that should help you develop apps that effectively support your marketing communications. This is a taster of the guide with some of the key things you should consider before developing a mobile application for your business.

 iphone app development, how to create an app

Why an app?

Consumers are changing. Fast and immediate mobile access to information is empowering decision-making, altering consumption patterns and transforming consumer reaction to marketing.

The difference between app-driven channels and conventional advertising is that while the latter focuses on consumers in a general sense, the former exploits an existing personal connection created when the app user chooses your app.

The challenge is that while consumers download an average 65 mobile apps each, they use only a handful every day. Your mobile apps must be unique, engaging and reliable if you want them to be used.

Does my business need an app?

Does your business need an app? Put it another way: do your customers need an app you can deliver? Do you need a better connection with your customers?

“Data is a marketer’s best friend, you reap what you sow and apps are a vital way to collect information about your audience, as well as push out brand information to them,” says Dipesh Mukerji, senior director of product strategy and marketing at Kony.

 how to create an app, app development software

Ask yourself

  • Is there something iconic about your firm your customers already relate to that could be celebrated through an app?
  • Do your potential customers need something that helps them gather information about your industry?
  • Do you want your competitor’s app on your customer’s phones?
  • Is there an industry-specific tool/app you can supply?
  • What apps already exist in your business sector?
  • What apps can you offer?

An effectively developed mobile app can help you reach new customers, support your existing customers, and express your unique business identity.

So what else is in the mobile app guide?

  • How apps work for your business
  • Types of apps and examples
  • Seven Do’s and Don’ts for mobile app marketing
  • How to create an app with app development software
  • iOS, Android or both?
  • Challenges of creating an app

mobile app guide, how to create an app

Download the app guide now


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