Does your business need a mobile app?

Brands are realising that as we live in a multi screen world we need to cater for mobile users more and more. And it’s not just making sure you have a mobile optimised website, recent research from Adobe Digital shows that users of apps are more brand loyal.

New data from Adobe Digital Index measures engagement on apps versus the Web on a sample of more than 600 brands which should make this message clear for marketers. According to the data, building a mobile app is a worthy investment because users of mobile apps are more loyal to the brand versus those who just visit the Web site from their mobile devices.

Apps Used For Longer And More Frequently
Tablet users spend the better part of a half hour (24 minutes) in an app session, while smartphone sessions are much shorter at nearly 13 minutes. Compared to those browsing Web sites, however, the app sessions are three to four times longer. Consumers use the average smartphone apps more than twice as often as they visit the typical mobile Web site. All combined, the app usage outpaces mobile Web visits by an average of 100 minutes per month.

mobileapp_TimeSpentbyPlatform mobileapp_FrequencybyPlatform (1)

Apps Used Most Frequently: Financial; Apps Used The Longest: Travel
Mobile financial apps take the top spot for the one consumers open most frequently. New banking and investment apps are more secure and make login and use much easier than the Web site. Consumers use these apps 30% more frequently than any other app type.

mobileapp_FrequencybyPlatform (1) mobileapp_TimeSpentbyAppType

They also state that you can’t just rely on an either or mobile website or app strategy, that you need to offer consumers both in order to succeed.

According to the IAB, the first half of 2013 saw US advertisers spend $3 billion on mobile advertising, up from $1.2 billion just one year earlier.

Rise Of Mobile Commerce

A great article by Marketing Land states that It’s no secret that the explosive growth of e-commerce is impacting traditional retailers. Not having a mobile-optimised website for your brand has the revenue impact equivalent to closing your store one day per week.

More and more consumers are turning to their smart phones and tablets to research products showcased by television and mobile ads. Even more consumers are bypassing stores entirely, especially when most products are just one click away.

With mobile payment systems offering one-click purchasing across most major e-commerce platforms, it makes you wonder why anyone would choose to queue again.

So how do you go about developing a mobile strategy? The key is to make sure that it’s in line with your business strategy and not just a mobile strategy for the sake of the hype.

Dreamtek are holding an event on 20th November at our head offices in London to showcase some of the tools that are available for creating mobile applications and digital publications, how you can monetize from apps via advertising and subscriptions and integrating video assets into apps.

So if you want to find out more Register here


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