Adobe Connect drives Peugeot – Citroen’s eLearning system

Dreamtek recently put together a sophisticated eLearning package for Peugeot – Citroen, using Adobe technologies to create a flexible solution that’s improving dealer’s technical understanding while being more flexible and less costly to deliver than before.

Peugeot-208-GTi-3Peugeot Academy

The Peugeot – Citroen Academy is an essential part of the company’s business. It’s a state of the art training facility the company uses to inform its dealers of every element of its vehicles’ engine maintenance and technical management.

In other words, if you sell Citroen or Peugeot vehicles you must attend the centre to get trained in servicing, new product sales, health and safety and more. You must attend these courses if you want to be a Peugeot dealer — but that works out expensive in so many ways when hundreds across the country need to find the time and the money to attend the company’s Coventry HQ.

The Academy asked us to pull the project together following our success putting something similar together for Jaguar Landrover.

Peugeot – Citroen wanted a switched-on alternative to make its training programme more accessible, and that’s where we stepped in. The company wanted to create an HD mobile broadcast solution that would be technically superior while also being easy to use.

We also built and installed a state of the art mobile video broadcasting system the Academy can use to capture fresh content and in order to create live streams.

The client wanted to offer live HD streaming alongside video on demand, and wanted the solution to be made available across the entire company.

[ABOVE: Here’s an example of the kind of video assets The Academy is now able to create — this captures events at last year’s Apprentice Training Day.]

Adobe Connect

We chose to base our system on Adobe Connect because of its support for Web conferencing and virtual training. Peugeot wanted to make sure the system was accessible and future-proof, so we developed a solution that’s accessible on a computer, iPad or smartphone. Adobe Connect won’t create HD video content, so as part of our set-up we installed the Dreamtek High Quality Video POD. Developed by us this Connect plug-in enables HD quality video to be streamed live.

Adobe Premiere was a part of the postproduction solution meaning that they can also edit footage and then manage the content with the VF Hub media management software. The fact that Adobe Connect is compatible with Adobe’s creative apps means it’s also cheaper and easier for the business to create branded and attractive landing pages for specific events.

With the system in place the company can now speak directly to its dealers, and to film new assets such as vehicle-specific Q&A sessions and training modules.

Our technical team trained the operators on using the camera and audio equipment and now they are completely self sufficient, so they can film new car launches, such as the recent Peugeot 208 GTi launch.

The firm is now using the system to assemble a library of video content for use across the Peugeot-Citroen network. You can see some of what they’ve produced right here

There’s a cost benefit, too, as the system means the company doesn’t need to bring in outside help every time it has an idea for a useful slice of movie footage.

Driving the future

John Donovan, Dreamtek Business Development Director said, “The solution has enabled the Academy to deliver virtual training to their network and to provide virtual learning facilities for the Apprentice program at Peugeot Citreon.”

Writing on his Linked In page, Phillip Price, Academy Development & Administration Manager PSA Peugeot Citroen, has said the location: “Represent(s) the future of the UK Academy.”

“Our training syllabus is being matched to this initiative and has already been hailed by PSA as a huge leap forward for the group,” he said.

This leap forward delivers significant cost savings– it’s lots cheaper to use video to meet and teach than it becomes when a firm attempts to gather people from across the country in one place at once. There’s savings in travel, food and accommodation.

An enterprise the size of this one also sees a green benefit, as remote technology reduces travel costs, including the environmental costs of such travel.

Peugeot – Citroen can also use the system to create persistent meeting rooms and templates that allow them to build a virtual event environment once and reuse it continuously. These can include pre-recorded content for live replay and meetings can be accessed using almost any device — a PC, Mac, smartphone or iPad/tablet.

We’re putting together some tips on how to use our Broadcastpods to create high-quality video for use in Adobe Connect and other online sessions at the moment, but we thought it might be valuable to review some earlier tips on what you should think about when you’re putting your own TV studio together.


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