Jamie Oliver uses Google Hangouts to help spread the word about Food revolution day.

Jamie Oliver reached out across the pond on Friday 17th May for Food Revolution day, with a mission of promoting healthy eating through 1000’s of events around the world.

This Google Hangout hosted by Jamie Oliver connected some of the Food Revolution Ambassadors across the world to talk about and promote the Food Revolution day event.

Dreamtek were on hand to provide their production expertise in all things Hangouts, Jamie could concentrate on what he’s good at, speaking passionately about food!

The live Food Revolution Day Hangout with Jamie Oliver, featured moderator Anna Lappé, Food Revolution Ambassadors Lindsey Shifley from Illinois, Oscar Hinojosa from Mexico, Juna Alawadhi from Kuwait and Shane Valentine who was joined with Nicole Roll from Whole Foods in San Francisco. Also joining the hangout were the amazing Google Chefs Jason Crayne, Norell Van Krieken and Bill Billenstein from Mountain View and Los Angeles in California.

The Hangout ended a high, with the presentation of a cheque for $166565 for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation charity, from Whole Foods Market who had held a revenue drive for Food Revolution Day.

I had a chat with Social Media & Food Policy Manager at Jamie Oliver Food Foundation about the day

So what is Food Revolution Day all about?

It’s all about standing up for good food, better food education and keeping cooking skills alive. So it’s a fairly big target! Food education is at the heart of it; we want to bring back food education. We want every child to be educated, every child to know where their food comes from how it grows, what to do with it how it affects your body and leave school with life long skills in cooking.

What’s the idea behind holding a Hangout today?

It a conversation to highlight some of the amazing things our food ambassadors are doing. Our ambassadors work year round doing such fantastic things, empowering their communities to join the food revolution and the Hangout is an opportunity to highlight that.  It’s been great having a street party in London but the Hangout is the global bit. It also gives an opportunity for Jamie to connect to people who are involved in the Food revolution across the world.

Did the food revolution stem back from the Ted talk he did?

Yes! So that was in 2010, which won the Ted Prize and after Jamie’s USA series Jamie’s Food Revolution and it grew from there. We’ve now got 570 ambassadors in 70 countries!

Take a look at the Hangout here:


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