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Five great app ideas that could boost your business

The impact of BYOD on enterprise users is creating mass diversity in the devices and platforms used in business, but there’s a second opportunity switched-on entrepreneurs are grabbing for — apps for marketing. We’ve selected several apps we think show just some of the ways in which apps can help put your brand before your customers.

Sponsored synergy

Carling can’t possibly have known what it was going to achieve when it sponsored development of iPint, an entertaining iPhone app that simulates a virtual pint and which actually empties when you tip/drink it.  Read More…

Jamie Oliver uses Google Hangouts to help spread the word about Food revolution day.

Jamie Oliver reached out across the pond on Friday 17th May for Food Revolution day, with a mission of promoting healthy eating through 1000’s of events around the world.

This Google Hangout hosted by Jamie Oliver connected some of the Food Revolution Ambassadors across the world to talk about and promote the Food Revolution day event.

Dreamtek were on hand to provide their production expertise in all things Hangouts, Jamie could concentrate on what he’s good at, speaking passionately about food!

The live Food Revolution Day Hangout with Jamie Oliver, featured moderator Anna Lappé, Food Revolution Ambassadors Lindsey Shifley from Illinois, Oscar Hinojosa from Mexico, Juna Alawadhi from Kuwait and Shane Valentine who was joined with Nicole Roll from Whole Foods in San Francisco. Also joining the hangout were the amazing Google Chefs Jason Crayne, Norell Van Krieken and Bill Billenstein from Mountain View and Los Angeles in California. Read More…

Yes, there is a better, cheaper and private way to figure out your mileage claims!

Productivity, mobility and flexible working are the buzz words for the way we do business today, and this means time-poor employees need to find ways to make what they do more efficient as they strive to improve their work/life balance. Mileage claims, for example: how many file these late, or not at all, simply because it’s so time-consuming to fill out the form? We have a solution we’d like to tell you about, Peak GPS mileage capture.

So, what is Peak GPS Mileage Capture?

Read More…

YouTube takes on cable TV

YouTube appears more like a bona fide television channel every day: it has now begun serving up programming on a pay per view basis with a series of partnerships including some established TV brands and a handpicked initial selection of Creators.

[ABOVE:  Sesame Street aka The Jim Henson Co is among the first 53 channels available via YouTube subscriptions.]

Around 53 partners have launched premium content channels via the international service, and while the selection might be small you shouldn’t underestimate the significance of the step, which puts the Google service squarely in competition with cable and satellite providers. Read More…

Microsoft plots holographic video chats for Skype

The future is now, at least when it comes to some sci-fi dreams, including those of holographic video conferencing. We’ve seen these ideas represented artistically in Star Wars and Deus Ex and it has long held a place in novels, now it appears Microsoft hopes to put it together in the here and now.

“You’re my only hope”

The technology could in theory enable the Princess Leia’s of tomorrow’s world to leave holographic messages for others to see, reading between the lines of a recent Microsoft Research job posting. Read More…