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Video advertising works, but emotion is everything

We often discuss the value of viral video in a brand’s marketing matrix, but online video also has a part to play in more conventional marketing as the Web audience becomes more accustomed to feasting their eyes on short video ads — but online video ads are becoming much more widely accepted and, at best, can be deeply effective. A few thoughts on online video advertising, how it is growing and what it might do for you and your business.

[ABOVE: This is the top online ad of last week, according to AdAge.]

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YouTube’s Google+ multi-channel change and the future of the network

Google has introduced a new feature that will eventually enable management of multiple YouTube channels from within a single Google+ account, which may not sound like much but should make it a whole heap easier for channel managers to keep control of their outputs — and suggests the way the network will evolve.

[ABOVE: PSY – Gangnam Style has attracted over 2 billion views on YouTube, the most of any video, ever. He introduced his latest track on April 13, how will this go?]

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Blackmagic launches 4k camera and pocket cinema camera at NAB

Blackmagic launch the Pocket Cinema Camera.

We were excited to hear about the launch of the new Blackmagic products at NAB – especially the Pocket Cinema camera!

The big aim of this camera was to get a true film look. Blackmagic worked hard on the design and one of the design goals was to make a cinema camera that was an extremely small size. The Blackmagic Cinema Camera is very small and much smaller than a normal cinema style camera.

Blackmagic, pocket cinema camera


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Engineering a viral video

The power of viral video is undeniable. YouTube’s latest sensation, “Gangnam Style”, has achieved an all-time record of over 1.4 billion views. Must be easy, right?

Not so fast – expecting your video to automatically go viral is like planning your future on winning the lottery. There are so many misconceptions about what makes a great video go viral when the truth is that a properly engineered video will drive views, amplify content sharing, and turn on widespread community interaction. What does that mean?

Pixability addressed exactly this question at SXSW Interactive 2013 in what was referred to as “The best presentation at SXSW.” Now, they’re bringing it to you in a free, live-streaming webinar called “Mythbusting: Engineering a Viral Video”. In a single hour, Pixability will offer a look behind the scenes of recent video hits, plus a discussion covering the manageable (and unmanageable) variables of the viral video equation, including: content planning, digital strategy, metadata, seeding, humor, production, community, social, analytics and YouTube.

The webinar will stream live on Thursday, April 18 at 12:30pm (ET) – if you haven’t registered yet, you can save a spot now at:

NAB highlights: Apple, Adobe, and pro plug-ins

The world’s largest video industry trade show, NAB, takes place this month, driving Apple to ship an important Final Cut X update, Adobe to introduce new iterations of its video products, and a host of interesting new plug-ins from other developers. A few highlights from this year’s event:

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4 video-blogging services give YouTube+

YouTube has become the de facto destination for online video, but the evolution of social media means there’s emerging services which may be worth experimenting with, particularly if you or your business happens to be chasing a younger demographic—and all of them prove there’s life after Instagram.

Services like Pheed, Keek, Vine and other contenders are all pursuing slightly different models that may supplement your YouTube activity.

Introducing Pheed

Described by Forbes as “Twitter with a business model”, Pheed is catching on among younger users seeking an easy to monetize alternative to YouTube. Illustrating its popularity, the Pheed app was top of the iTunes Store charts in February, above YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Read More…