Why Broadcastpod makes good sense for good business

We’ve written about our Broadcastpod before. This is our enterprise-focused all-in-one video creation solution that transforms the way a company uses video internally and externally, making it simple and saving you money.


We’ve put together some figures (click the image to the left) that illustrate why the system makes sense for enterprises hoping to make more use of video to promote, manage, educate or connect with their business.

Broadcastpod is an integrated solution we describe as a “studio in a box”. It’s like a beautifully designed photo booth packed with everything you need to create video.

These elements include an easy-to-learn control system, high-quality video camera, and all the encoding and transcoding power you might need to quickly and easily create and publish video materials that support your business.

Growing demand 

An increasing number of our clients request our assistance when they create video presentations. These might include annual statements, CEO messages, in-house training videos, video blogging, live or on-demand webcasts with solutions like Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts and more.

We like to think we do excellent work when managing projects like this, but these projects aren’t cheap. Our figures show the average cost of outsourcing video production jobs is around £4,500 per video.

We’ve listened when many of our enterprise and business customers say they’d like to make more use of video, but the cost is too high. We see a real need for our enterprise customers to invest in equipment they can use to bring video production in-house. That’s why we’ve put Broadcastpod together. When we developed it, we asked ourselves these sorts of questions:

  • What sort of presentations do business customers usually want to make?
  • What equipment might they need to create it?
  • How tech-literate are they?
  • Is it possible to assemble simple video capture tools to create assets they can use as-is or send to us for offsite editing?
  • How much space do businesses realistically have in which to create a studio, temporary or fixed?
  • Can an all-in-one system enable businesses to make more use of video?

We think it can.

broadcastpod, studio in a box, mobile studio solution, tv studio, broadcast studio
Video communications to transform business

Broadcastpod offers all the tools you need to create business-focused video presentations. Not only this, but if you’re likely to want to add capability to what we provide, we can source and deploy additional solutions within the system.

When put together the system is a compact cubicle, so it is easy to fit into whatever space you do have available. This means you don’t need to hire more office space or dedicate a full room to your video broadcast suite — you can pop it into the corner of an existing area. This reduces some of the hidden costs of deploying in-house video creation solutions, such as the cost of space, heat and light. Broadcastpod enables enterprise customers to make more casual use of video.

That’s because the system empowers them with the equipment they need to make high-quality, effective and professional presentations themselves — saving £4,500 per project. It’s affordable, too: Broadcastpod is approximately 60 percent cheaper than building a small fixed studio in house, and after making ten presentations it has paid for itself.

What’s critical about Broadcastpod is that once a customer has invested in the system they are able to make video presentations whenever they choose. This matches the growing use of video among enterprises, and also has the potential of transforming B2C and B2B communications.

We’ve made this handy infographic which captures some of the key ROI data on Broadcastpod. If you’d like to find out more about the system, please contact us.


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