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Why Broadcastpod makes good sense for good business

We’ve written about our Broadcastpod before. This is our enterprise-focused all-in-one video creation solution that transforms the way a company uses video internally and externally, making it simple and saving you money.


We’ve put together some figures (click the image to the left) that illustrate why the system makes sense for enterprises hoping to make more use of video to promote, manage, educate or connect with their business.

Broadcastpod is an integrated solution we describe as a “studio in a box”. It’s like a beautifully designed photo booth packed with everything you need to create video.

These elements include an easy-to-learn control system, high-quality video camera, and all the encoding and transcoding power you might need to quickly and easily create and publish video materials that support your business.

Growing demand 

An increasing number of our clients request our assistance when they create video presentations. These might include annual statements, CEO messages, in-house training videos, video blogging, live or on-demand webcasts with solutions like Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts and more.

We like to think we do excellent work when managing projects like this, but these projects aren’t cheap. Our figures show the average cost of outsourcing video production jobs is around £4,500 per video.

We’ve listened when many of our enterprise and business customers say they’d like to make more use of video, but the cost is too high. We see a real need for our enterprise customers to invest in equipment they can use to bring video production in-house. Read More…

Why is Microsoft giving its iMoney away?

Microsoft’s resistance to the changing computer word continues as it prevails in its belief that its success means other’s failure. Not only has the company quietly raised the price of its Office suite for Mac users, but its seemingly blinkered vision to deny a version of the productivity suite to iPad users seems set to cost the company billions of dollars while annoying users.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 14.19.23

No more Windows only any more Read More…

9 step marketing strategy for your Google+ Hangout

Planning to run Google+ Hangouts for your business? Well why not it’s a great way to get your message out there. As well as being able to have an online meeting with 9 other people with Hangouts on Air you can now broadcast your event live on YouTube, your Google+ page and your website.


Like any marketing activity you do, you need to first plan your strategy for your Google Hangout event. As we have run quite a few for our customers we have gained some good insight into what you need to consider when setting up your events, so here are some tips on what to consider:

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5 tips for running a professional Google+ Hangout

Anyone can run a Google+ Hangout all you need is a Google+ account and Gmail address, which is great as it’s opened up creating video to pretty much anyone who has a computer.

However as experts in video production we are a little particular about getting the quality of a Google+ Hangout right, after all its your brand reputation on the line..and with anything live – things can and do go wrong. So here are 5 steps to consider when you are running a Google+ Hangout.

Hangouts have enormous potential, but this is only fully realised if you get the production right. Treat a Hangout like a standard Webinar and you’ll miss the opportunity to showcase Hangout’s great video capabilities. Treat a Hangout like a traditional video production without understanding the intricacies of streaming; including the Hangout format and you can fail to make the most of your event.

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3D printing for the people?

Crowd-funded via Kickstarter, FormLabs has taken a pretty big step toward making more accurate 3D printing something that’s accessible to any creative, from around $3,300.

Making 3D printing accessible in this way has the potential to transform industries, making it possible for relatively fast and easy product form prototyping and increasing the chance of the tech to spawn new enterprises. Read More…

Does Windows still makes sense for your business?

The iron grip of the ancient Wintel hegemony is contracting, as evidenced by Michael Dell’s $24 billion acquisition of himself and declining Windows sales.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 20.11.25

This crack in the Windows curtain may turn out to be an opportunity for enterprise users to explore new ways of doing business technology — a well-timed seismic shift in the status quo, given the ever-growing capability of mobile devices and BYOD. Read More…