Adobe preps Photoshop 6 improvement for Retina Display Macs

Adobe’s delayed Create Now Live event takes place December 11, and it appears the company has a raft of interesting announcements planned for creative users, these may even include the introduction of full Retina Display support for those Macs with such high-res screens.

Writing last month, Adobe’s John Nack told us some of what to expect from the one-day event:

  • What’s coming to Creative Cloud
  • New Photoshop features
  • An exploration of how the company’s tools can help us design for a multi-outlet environment
  • Hints from creative designers
  • And, of course, the chance to see noted Photoshop guru, Scott Kelby, showing off some of the hidden jewels inside the latest version of the application.

Photoshop improves

Expectation the company may introduce Retina Display support in Photoshop shot up when it published a video showing a few of the new features — this seemed to be on a Retina Display-toting Mac. Fuelling the speculation, during the video the camera zooms to the screen several times, “revealing Retina resolution in the software”, reports observe.

Adobe confirmed plans to introduce such support within its applications in the “next few months” way back in August. Lightroom already offers this.

The company doesn’t call it Retina Display support, of course, it uses an alternative acronym, “HiDPI”, with a recent company post promising: ” Over the next few months, key Adobe products will deliver HiDPI display support to all customers on current releases.”

In that post the company also admitted:

“To enable HiDPI display support in Photoshop requires the replacement of 2,500 icons and cursors and other engineering work which will be complete and ready for customers this Fall.”

Support for HiDPI displays doesn’t end with Photoshop and Lightroom. The company has already committed to offering support for it in many other products across the next few months:

Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop Touch, Prelude, and Premiere Pro should all receive such support within a CS6 upgrade. Additional products should follow suit, as the road map for such release is declared.

What is interesting is the connection Adobe is attempting to draw between use of new features on its creative applications and its subscription-only Creative Cloud offering. This offers users early access to newly developed features in advance of software updates for the latest version.

That’s already happening, for example, Creative Cloud subscribers have already been offered access to create Package files from within Illustrator.

It now seems likely Photoshop users can expect a few enhancements via the online service.

 “I am excited to announce that beginning this Fall, even more our flagship products, including Photoshop, will begin to release features exclusively to Creative Cloud members,” wrote the company’s creative product manager, Maria Yap in August.

It’s important to note that Create Now Live takes place scant days before upgrade prices for users of the retail-distributed applications go up astronomically, as detailed here.

We’ll be watching events at Adobe’s upcoming event with interest as we strive to better serve the needs of our creative customers.


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