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BBC, 15 years online, and the future of communications

The BBC is celebrating 15 years of BBC Online, revealing that since it launched its presence it now has an audience of 22.7 million UK adults a week, approximately 50 percent of which see iPlayer as the crown jewel of the company’s online offering.

[ABOVE: The second half of futurist Gerd Leonhard’s remarkably prescient presentation concerning the future of broadcasting in 2009.]

“Last week we surveyed a representative sample of 9,200 BBC website users and asked them to choose from the top moments over the past 15 years of BBC Online.

“Of those surveyed 50% said their top moment was the launch of BBC iPlayer, 15% chose the launch of the BBC website in 1997, 8% said the BBC’s first truly digital Olympics at the London 2012 Games this summer and 5% the launch of websites for children of all different ages – Cbeebies and CBBC,” said BBC director of Future Media, Ralph Rivera.

These statistics reflect the changing nature of broadcasting in the digital age. Read More…

Logic Studio development is safe and well

Apple’s Logic Studio suite is one of the more important audio solutions used by pro musicians for studio and live work, many of whom may have been concerned at recent claims its development had been scaled back — luckily it seems these claims aren’t correct.

Reports of the demise of Apple's Logic Studio solution appear to have been exaggerated.

Reports of the demise of Apple’s Logic Studio solution appear to have been exaggerated.

Pro Tools Expert last week published a report explaining that Apple had “decimated” its pro audio teams, saying the company’s European team was down to just two employees with no replacement planned.

In response, Apple’s music marketing chief, Xander Soren this week answered an email originally sent to CEO, Tim Cook, reassuring Logic users that his team’s “hard at work” on the next version of the software.

“As the lead for our music creation apps, I always want to hear what our users are thinking,” he wrote. “I want to assure you the team is still in place and hard at work on the next version of Logic Pro.”

That’s good news to thousands of musicians for two reasons: first that the company remains committed to its professional audio app; second that a new version’s in the works. After all, Apple hasn’t updated Logic for over three years — it was 2009 when the last major update appeared.

To be fair the company has improved the software since then, offering 64-bit compatibility to it in the intervening period.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll quickly find that the Logic team’s expanding — the company’s seeking staff to work with its Hamburg, Germany team; it’s also attempting to find workers for its Logic teams in the US.

Earlier this year Apple made one of its smaller acquisitions, purchasing Italian app developer, Redmatica.

That company was developing an advanced sampled instruments editor along with a whole host of other audio-related apps, including plug-ins for EXS24, Kontakt 3 and 4 , Structure and Reason samplers. (As detailed in this archived Webpage for the company, over at the Internet Archive.)

Logic Pro expert, David Nahami revealed that the “decimation” of the Logic-focused team meant the company had lost people in Europe dedicated to handling retail sales and marketing for the product, which the company now sells via the Mac App Store.

What is interesting is that some of the recruitment ads Apple’s running make explicit mention of work to develop iOS apps based on its core audio engines.

This could mean a number of things: new sampling technologies for GarageBand; a standalone music instrument sampler/editor for use on an iPad to accompany work on Logic on a Mac… there’s lot’s of possibilities, however we think we’ll wait until next year when the company seems set to put more focus into its pro solutions.

You see, an email despatched by CEO, Cook, earlier this year promised a significant upgrade to Apple’s Mac Pro range in 2013. Given the company intends introducing an improved pro desktop range, it makes some sense it might also launch new pro applications to exploit the new features of thee machines.

For the present, however, it seems reports of the demise of Logic Pro have been, as they say, “exaggerated”. And that’s got to be music to the ears of our pro audio customers.

Adobe preps Photoshop 6 improvement for Retina Display Macs

Adobe’s delayed Create Now Live event takes place December 11, and it appears the company has a raft of interesting announcements planned for creative users, these may even include the introduction of full Retina Display support for those Macs with such high-res screens.

Writing last month, Adobe’s John Nack told us some of what to expect from the one-day event: Read More…