Four innovative ways businesses are using Google+ Hangouts

Businesses are finding various ways to use Google+ Hangouts to communicate with their customers.

Google+ Hangouts is a video chat tool that can have up to ten participants who can interact with each other, share their screens, share YouTube clips and can even stream their broadcasts live to YouTube using Hangouts on Air.

Dreamtek specialise in managing the entire production process of your Google+ Hangout including any special requirements. From a broadcast level production team, converting your existing production equipment to be Hangout Ready – or taking your Hangout and sharing it to a larger audience in a theatre, cinema or concert hall.

Google+ Hangouts offers a great opportunity to bring up to ten people together regardless of their location as long as they are connected to the internet and create an event around this.

Here are some examples of the really different ways brands that we have worked with have used Google+ Hangouts. It’s been great hearing all the different ideas that brands have for Google+ Hangouts and helping them work!

1) Live Premiership Football video blogging with Sports Tonight Live
Sports Tonight Live created by Kelvin McKenzie one of the founders of Talk Sport Radio. Kelvin has continued his ethos of letting the audience discuss sports on his channel and has used Google+ Hangouts to unite multiple fans each reporting on individual Premiership football matches every Saturday. Having six fans all reporting at once meant they could instantly cut to an update whenever a goal was scored from fan watching around the world.

Sports Tonight Live already had an existing video broadcast studio and Dreamtek supplied them with a custom built “Hangout Box Pro” This enabled them to take their existing setup and make it “Hangout ready”

2) Cookalong live with Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh are a innovative new food service who delivers ingredients and recipes to your door – Google+ Hangouts enabled them to connect their head chef with their audience in a live Cookalong.
Hello Fresh’s Head chef Patrick Drake held a live cook along with 6 of the brands super fans. Participants set up their laptops and cooked along live picking up tips from the master along the way. A great example of a way to get closer to your customers in a fun informal event. Dreamtek provided production support and also carried out a simultaneous HD shoot to edit alongside the Hangout. Plus creating a post production edit to be used on their YouTube Channel which has now become one of their most popular YouTube videos.

3) LCD Soundsystem reunited over Google Hangout

To mark the Premiere of Shut up and play the hits – the documentary feature film recording LCD Soundsystem’s last ever gig. Dreamtek collaborated with Pulse films and Picture House Cinemas to organise a Google+ Hangout Q&A with the band members and filmmakers despite members being located in London and New York!

Dreamtek managed this transatlantic hangout including all the intricacies of having live and video linked participants in a cinema environment. Google+ Hangouts proved to be a great tool for creating naturally flowing discussions with disparate members without the need for an expensive satellite link up.

4) Google and the Cambridge Satchel Company

Keen to build on the success of their recent advertising campaign with Google Chrome. The Cambridge Satchel Company and the Google + marketing team teamed up to demonstrate how much you can improve a business’s web presence in one day. Dreamtek assisted Google to produce a live Hangout link with the audience of the IAB engage held at the Barbican. Dreamtek were able to take Google’s brief, which was to communicate with an audience of 800 via Hangouts with high quality sound plus using multiple screen shares and camera streams. Our professional camera crew executed this working alongside the Barbicans audio-visual setup to make sure the broadcast was correctly integrated.

Managed Google+ Hangout video conferencing

Some very nice comments from customers:

Beth Foster Strategist, Google

“We were presenting to a really important group live over Hangouts so it was great to have Dreamtek overseeing every step of the production process.

…Dreamtek did a fantastic job.  The Production team were a terrific help – relaxed, good-humoured, knowledgeable and prepared.  It was great to have them there.”

Martin Marks Director of Programming, Sports Tonight Live

“Sport Tonight Live has always had a massive viewer participation element. We wanted to connect with 6 of our fans to report live on each Saturday’s Premiership Football action, Google+ Hangouts was an ideal solution.

Dreamtek was instrumental in making this work and provided us with their “Hangout Pro” Box that integrated Google+ Hangouts with our existing broadcast equipment and trained our production team to be Hangout ready.”

Ed Boyes Marketing Director, Hello Fresh

“Google+ Hangouts allowed us to bring together our head Chef Patrick Drake and some of our biggest fans for a live cook along. It was great seeing Patrick and our customers sharing their passion for food using Hangouts, it gave the cook along a really informal feel!

Dreamtek managed the production and also provided us with additional HD camera footage and Pro lighting, enabling us to make our on demand edition look great and one of our most popular YouTube videos”

Marc Allenby, Head of Commercial

“We saw an opportunity to use Google+ Hangouts to reunite the members of LCD soundsystem for our live Q & A session after the premiere of “shut up and play the hits”

We managed to bring together the band from both New York and London using the multi screen format of Hangouts, which kept things spontaneous – Dreamtek enabled integration of the Hangout with our existing AV setup and the ability to share the Hangout with 40 cinema screens across the UK.”

If you want to take your company communications to the next level with Google+ Hangouts get in touch.


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