3 reasons to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 6 before December 31st

When is a price rise not a price rise? When you don’t know it’s happening — and Adobe’s audience of creative pros should wise up today if they want to save money as Adobe prepares to raise Creative Suite (CS) upgrade prices.

This means you, if you’re one of the many creative professionals still getting the best you can out of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 or 4 products. You have until the end of December to make sure you’re on the CS upgrade path in future.

If you don’t upgrade by December 31, then you’ll be locked out of future upgrade discounts, because Adobe’s decided to change the way it offers them.

To clarify:

  • Adobe has previously offered discounted upgrade prices for owners of up to three previous versions prior to the current edition.
  • From December 31 the company will limit this offer. It will only provide a discounted upgrade path to those using the previous main version, (CS 5 or 5.5 at present).
  • This means creative users who don’t upgrade from an older version of a CS product by the end of this year will have to invest in the full version at the full price if they want to upgrade next year.
  • The difference in price between these expiring upgrade deals and what it will cost you if you upgrade next year is significant — as much as £1,000 in some instances.

Dreamtek understands creative users.

We know Mac and software investments are just that, investments, and with so many demands on their money and time it’s normal for creative pros to use their tools for just as long as they possibly can. That’s even before you consider the time it takes to get fully up-to-speed with each new Adobe CS release — time is also money, after all.

Save money, upgrade now

These are just some of the reasons so many creatives continue to use older versions of Adobe CS, staving off an upgrade until they really must.

If that’s you then we’d like to point out that if you upgrade your Adobe software today, you’d effectively save almost as much as it costs for a new Mac. The good news is that you can still avoid this steep CS tax hike — just purchase your upgrade from us today.

Adobe has been offering users of Adobe CS3 and CS4 a Mac upgrade to Adobe CS6 for £1,191 (Master Collection). This changes on December 31, when the upgrade option is removed leaving such users with no option but to purchase the full version of Master Collection, which costs £2,223.

Similar price changes are being implemented across Adobe’s creative applications.

The price change is of similar significance across the range. Contact us on 0845 6006122 for details of the package/collection you need to upgrade.

Adobe CS6 Production Premium

The current cost as an upgrade is £794 On December 31 this rises to £1,509.

Adobe CS6 Design Standard

Current upgrade cost, from £262 On December 31 this will cost you £1,278.

More than money

There are other good reasons to upgrade.

Adobe CS6 is faster, with a new graphics engine in Photoshop and Illustrator, new tools for export to iPad and other tablets inside InDesign, and lots of timesaving tools for those repetitive but hugely necessary print production tasks.

Creative industry stalwart Photoshop CS6 offers lots of new tools, including vastly improved retouching features and the Content-Aware Patch, which allows you to choose the sample area Content-Aware will use to magically create your patch. There’s even video editing features in the imaging standard.

If you’re working in CS4, you’ll see huge performance improvements and benefit from a range of enhancements, including pattern creation, gradient strokes and image tracing in Illustrator and Photoshop’s fast and non-destructive cropping tools. There are many other improvements, of course, just visit www.adobe.co.uk to take a look.

Matt Wicks Managing Director of the Virtual Forge and Adobe CS6 user says

“In the rapidly changing world of design and development our tools are extensions of ourselves, and as we build for a world of multiple screens and multiple interaction points we need to have the best, most current tools to be able to express ourselves in the best ways possible in all the shapes and forms available. The design and development world has changed since the time of CS4, CS6 gives us the tools and methods we need to keep pace with those changes and excel at the challenges these changes bring.”

Tablet times

Looking to the future, Adobe is working away to develop its own suite of cloud-based services, Creative Cloud. Available for a monthly subscription this offers all the company’s shipping and in development software applications, a range of touch apps for use with your tablet and a range of services and community features.

“As soon as our engineering teams can finalise new features, like the ones we’re seeing for Illustrator today, we will release special Creative Cloud editions of our desktop software, only available to Adobe Creative Cloud members,” said Adobe’s Jeffrey Veen, via press release.

Adobe Creative Cloud doesn’t replace the standalone app licensing system the company’s been offering up to now. You’ll still be able to get hold of future versions, though only those on the most recent version will be eligible for future discounts on upgrade pricing.

The bottom line is that if you want to save yourself a significant sum of cash and be eligible for upgrade to CS7 when it ships, then you have until the end of December 2012 to upgrade the version you’re using now, or you’ll be facing an easily avoidable price hike.

Contact us today on 0845 6006122 or use the contact form to email us for our special deals on Adobe upgrades.


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