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How to captivate your audience with social media

Despite high censorship the UAE has a very active social media user base. It tops the Arab states in e-readiness and the number of Facebook users. In our post earlier in the month looking at social media in the Arab states we found out that the total number of Facebook users in the Arab world stands at over 45 million (at the end of June), up from 37 million in Jan 2012. The total estimated number of Twitter users there exceeds two million.

So with such a captive audience marketers in the UAE need to be creative and make their communications stand out from the crowd. Here is a project we worked on recently for Close Up Arabia – we developed a rather cool Facebook app that has been going down a storm with their fan base.

Adobe’s Project Pipeline could bring broadcast TV online

There’s many who can’t help but hope that the evolution of alternative television channels and online show streaming to devices including your TV will at last spell the kiss of death to annoying advertising, unfortunately this is going to remain a premium experience, there’s too much cash in the ads market for broadcasters to resist its allure. Now Adobe has a plan to make it simple to cash in on content.

[ABOVE: Peter Hirshberg caught some of television’s future in this 2008 TED talk.]

Down the pipe(line)

The company’s latest move comes within its Project Pipeline platform, to which Adobe recently added the capacity to insert ads and to handle streaming, rights and content prep for all devices. Read More…

Four innovative ways businesses are using Google+ Hangouts

Businesses are finding various ways to use Google+ Hangouts to communicate with their customers.

Google+ Hangouts is a video chat tool that can have up to ten participants who can interact with each other, share their screens, share YouTube clips and can even stream their broadcasts live to YouTube using Hangouts on Air.

Dreamtek specialise in managing the entire production process of your Google+ Hangout including any special requirements. From a broadcast level production team, converting your existing production equipment to be Hangout Ready – or taking your Hangout and sharing it to a larger audience in a theatre, cinema or concert hall.

Read More…

YouTube, Android and the new television future

We’ve observed YouTube to be slowly but surely becoming a peer partner when it comes to broadcasting. The good news for video pros is that the company continues to develop its service, while a recent UK short shows Hollywood really is watching what happens on this emerging channel.

UK filmmakers, John Watts and Thomas Woods recently shot a low-budget pilot film (above) to demonstrate some of the concepts they hoped to use in a Chinese action epic. Read More…

3 reasons to upgrade to Adobe Creative Suite 6 before December 31st

When is a price rise not a price rise? When you don’t know it’s happening — and Adobe’s audience of creative pros should wise up today if they want to save money as Adobe prepares to raise Creative Suite (CS) upgrade prices.

This means you, if you’re one of the many creative professionals still getting the best you can out of Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 or 4 products. You have until the end of December to make sure you’re on the CS upgrade path in future.

If you don’t upgrade by December 31, then you’ll be locked out of future upgrade discounts, because Adobe’s decided to change the way it offers them. Read More…

Changing the world, one Tweet at a time

There’s been a lot made of the impact of social media on the political change that washed across the Arab nations starting last year, as disgruntled activists and equally disgruntled citizens coalesced in their opinion that their countries required deep-rooted systemic change.

[ABOVE: Jared Cohen, Director of Google Ideas, talks about social media and Arab Spring. “Technology accelerates everything,” he says.]

It also means these states are emerging as a new connected superpower Read More…