Want to be a creative industry star? Join the Adobe Generation

These days when crafting any kind of creative content, you aren’t just working toward a single use experience, you’re building for multiple access devices so what you make should probably also look good on a tablet, computer or smartphone.

For example, data from the US claims 86% of tablet owners watched TV while using their device and 88% of phone users did at least once during the month. In the UK, 80% of tablet users browse the Web while watching their TV. 

The available channels for video output are increasing exponentially: traditional broadcast models are being joined by pure online plays such as YouTube, Vimeo, iTunes; and the hybrid models a la iPlayer. And that’s even before you look at the various forms of creative content consumed by the games industry. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour.

The content industry is exploding, or at least the quantity being consumed is.

All this demand makes demands.

There’s creatives at all manner of skill levels attempting to acquire more skills to craft content to meet this demand. Skills cost, so we were pleased to see Adobe begin its attempt to build tomorrow’s talent with the launch of Adobe Generation, a new set of online courses aimed at 14-19-year olds who want to enhance their chance at career’s in the creative industries.

Animation, photo and games design

Adobe is offering courses for Animation, Photo Imaging and Games design. These take place over Adobe Connect and include a chance to hear from industry experts, and aim to give them at least some of the technical know-how they need in the skills they wish to explore: plotting a story line for a game, creating a panoramic image and more.

Software training also features. As you might expect this focuses on use of Adobe software, such as Photoshop. The courses are task-driven, so students are set different tasks which use the skills they’ve learned so they can practise them, with the very best winning Adobe software.

There’s a virtual learning environment featuring a range or resources, including how to guides, a downloadable recording of the session, a student forum and video tutorials. The company is also offering certificates, and encouragement for learners to follow through on what they’ve learned with an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) qualification.

Some highlights from the syllabus include:

Photo imaging

  • Layers and safe saving
  • Getting the photographs you didn’t quite take
  • Luminance, Colour, Tilt shift effects and more.


  • Animation principles and examples using Flash
  • Stop motion, cutout, cell, 3D, hand-drawn animation
  • Rotoscoping, stop frame animation and more.

 Games design

  •  What is the game design process? – Setting up the world
  • Character & world building – Adding gravity
  • Procedures – Controlling the character and more.

In conjunction with other free online training courses, such as that available via YouTube’s Creator Space, there’s plenty of resources any creative user can explore to hone their skills, available now for free.

Adobe’s three courses are available here. They run for 1 hour a week per course, for nine weeks, ending in November.


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