When business communications went punk rock

Punk rock DIY culture is an attitude that gets things done. Modern business can get more done all alone than it knows. Take business communications: you know what you want to do. You know what you want to say. You’ve got the script and an idea for how to make a video that informs and educates your staff into the aims and objectives of your company. There’s only one hurdle — can you afford it?

Short answer: Yes.

Why? Technology is moving along fast. Video technology particularly so. Think back just a few years and video production was extremely expensive demanding state-of-the-art equipment and cadres of professionals to make a project happen. And if you did manage to get all these elements in place, you still had no guarantees you’d like the results…

The introduction of low cost consumer video cameras changed this. As the cost of the equipment fell and software solutions including Final Cut and iMovie put video editing into more people’s hands, it became more affordable to experiment with ideas.

These days you can shoot a video — albeit a basic version — using smartphones and a video-related app (such as iMovie on iPhone). What this means is that the cost of entry for basic video production has fallen from several thousand pounds to just a few hundred. That’s helpful in at least three scenarios:

  •  A consumer user attempting to capture ad hoc video footage; or a creative user attempting to experiment with these tools as an art form.
  •  A creative or corporate user hoping to “sketch” some ideas together at the lowest cost possible in order to see if ideas intended for a major project work.
  •  Any enterprise or consumer users attempting to keep in touch with other people at a low price, using video-conferencing.

With the exception of using these solutions for basic video conferencing, surely these results aren’t suitable for real-world use? Surely you still need to spend huge amounts on high-end equipment if you want to take your ideas further?

Not any more.

To take that next step we offer a complete professional video production and editing facility called Broadcastpod. This is easily assembled, doesn’t take up too much space and provides everything you need for:

  • High-end video conferencing;
  • Creating corporate videos and tutorials;
  • Taking an idea you’ve been experimenting with to the next stage.

The Broadcastpod system lets you take a corner of your existing premises and transform it into a professional studio. You can use it as a base for working with assets recorded elsewhere, or for footage captured in the space. To understand the space, it’s best to think of it as appearing to look like the one, two or four person spaces TV news anchors appear in.

It isn’t just an editing suite with another name, enterprises can also use Broadcastpod to record corporate mission statements, financial results, tutorials, staff induction chats or whatever other video messages they must create.

These pods may also form part of a switched-on Unified Communications solution — install these things across your global network of locations and you have an instant professional space from which you and your staff can engage in video conferencing and collaboration sessions, delivering high quality sessions during which you can focus on what you need to say, rather than the technical challenges of saying it.

Unified Communications is one of the big changes impacting modern business. It isn’t just about video chat, but also document collaboration, presence indicators and so much more. We think our Broadcastpods can serve this growing need really well, and look forward to playing our part in making the modern workspace so much more productive.


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