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Want to be a creative industry star? Join the Adobe Generation

These days when crafting any kind of creative content, you aren’t just working toward a single use experience, you’re building for multiple access devices so what you make should probably also look good on a tablet, computer or smartphone.

For example, data from the US claims 86% of tablet owners watched TV while using their device and 88% of phone users did at least once during the month. In the UK, 80% of tablet users browse the Web while watching their TV.  Read More…


5 fantastic iOS tools for video production

There’s no doubt Apple’s mobile devices are incredibly handy for anyone working in the field: Long battery life, a good-sized display and 3G make Apple’s tablet almost as useful as a laptop — but a great deal cheaper, lighter and easy to lug around, while the iPhone is something you’ll usually carry with you.

We’ve been looking through what’s available to come up with this list of five iOS apps video pros may want to take a look at if they happen to take an Apple device along with them to work. Read More…

When business communications went punk rock

Punk rock DIY culture is an attitude that gets things done. Modern business can get more done all alone than it knows. Take business communications: you know what you want to do. You know what you want to say. You’ve got the script and an idea for how to make a video that informs and educates your staff into the aims and objectives of your company. There’s only one hurdle — can you afford it?

Short answer: Yes. Read More…

How Google Hangouts can transform business communications

Viral video. Millions want to watch them, thousands attempt to create them, a few hundred succeed in achieving them. The technology to deliver these things continues changing into something far more interactive, and we want to talk about one of those today, Google Hangouts.

What’s a Google Hangout? It’s a multi-person video conferencing service equipped with document collaboration features and the capacity to broadcast sessions at the time or later. For business users the service means it doesn’t matter where you are, you don’t need to miss that critical meeting. Read More…